Rabe O. Wilkison Post #38


1 May 2024


OFFICERS PRESENT:          Y/N/E     

  • Commander           Kevin Boyd               Y
  • Adjutant                  Rich Beck                 Y
  • 1st Vice                    Daniel Pfeifer           Y
  • 2nd Vice                   Ward Bubeck           Y
  • 3rd Vice                    Vacant
  • Sgt-at-Arms             Dave Mulholland    Y
  • Chaplain                  Robert Roberto       Y
  • Historian                 Vacant
  • Finance                   Wayne Renner          Y
  • Service Officer        Jon DeLorenzo         E
  • Judge Advocate      Tony Neal                  Y


Jon DeLorenzo

OFFICERS NOT EXCUSED:                        None





            POW/MIA POSTED


            Rear Admiral Dan Koeppel (USN, Ret) spoke to the Post and the Auxiliary on his foundations to help veterans and their spouses find work. Through his web site VetJobs.org, vets and their spouses can see a vast database of more than two million jobs available across the entire spectrum of employment from “first job” opportunities to openings for those with advanced degrees, veteran, or spouse.  They even provide some training to close the gap between existing skills and job requirements where they can. It’s entirely virtual, so no expensive overhead. As of today, they’ve filled over 98,000 jobs and expect to hit 100,000 this year.

QUORUM ESTABLISHED:             1815.

READING OF PREVIOUS MINUTES. The minutes for the April meeting were read; they were approved by the membership.



The Finance Officer summarized Post finances and indicated that the total funds in the two accounts is currently $3,800.  Report will be filed for audit.

Veteran Service Officer

No changes.

Boys State – Randy Eck

Orientation will be held at Post 38 on 11 May at 10 AM.  He will be here at 9. The backup date of 18 May will not be used if only three or four miss the orientation.  Departure will be 22 June, with exact time to be determined later. They will return the following Saturday, 29 June.

Nordhausen Concentration Camp flag

Harvey Charter updated the members; the flag is currently being framed behind special glass and the dedication ceremonies will be on July 1st at 5:30 PM with reception to follow at the Naples Holocaust Museum.  Anne was asked to send out an e-blast giving members a chance to attend if they wish; the event is invitation-only, and the available invitations are limited.


We will have an election on June 1st from 1100 to 1700. Anne will be sending out the candidates’ resumes after the meeting tonight.  All active members are strongly encouraged to stop by the post and cast their vote (bring your 2024 card). He will appoint three members to work the poll.  The Judge Advocate cannot oversee the vote since he is running; several executive committee members are unavailable, so he accepted volunteers Ward Bubeck and Daniel Pfeifer to assist him with the polls and vote count. Polls will close at 1700, the votes will be tallied, and reported at a Special Membership meeting at 1800.


One transfer was put up for vote:  Mike Meehan, Navy, from Post 400. He was approved by a unanimous voice vote.


The Constitution and By-Laws we sent to the Department last September were returned with some editorial changes required. Those have been made. The only change of substance was to change the voting hours to times the Post is open. The members voted to accept them as revised, and the Adjutant will mail the package to the Department when the minutes are drafted showing the vote.


The Post is resuming hosting a flea market every two weeks. This Saturday’s will include a bake sale, and car wash to raise funds for the Scouts.  There will be another on the 18th to raise funds for a different organization, and thereafter about every two weeks.

The American Legion Riders in town for a 2024 Gold Star Families Memorial Ride stayed in the Post overnight on 17 April and were most impressed that they got a hot breakfast the next morning instead of boxes of doughnuts. Another group of Riders will be staying overnight in May.

Commander Boyd performed the third and final reading of the names put in for each elected position posted on the sign-up board, requesting 3 times if there were any further nominations.  There was a second nomination for commander this time, requiring an election for that office.

            Commander                       Mike Turner and Tony Neal

            1st Vice Commander          Dennis Makola

            2nd Vice Commander         Dave Mulholland

            3rd Vice Commander         Ward Bubeck

            Finance Officer                   Wayne Renner

            Chaplain                              Bob Ruberto

            Sergeant at Arms               Mark Smith

            Historian                              John Ramos

            Executive Committee        Harvey Charter

              Anne Peck

    Daniel Pfeifer

The two candidates for commander were given three minutes each to speak. All the uncontested nominees were then elected by acclamation, and the election for commander will take place on 1 June.

SICK CALL:                            None


Commander Kevin Boyd is meeting with a Scoutmaster to see if his Eagle Scouts will consider restoring the fence project they completed originally and was subsequently destroyed by Hurricane Ian.

Commander Boyd also highlighted a few events coming up:  Cinco de Mayo this Sunday will feature bargain margaritas, and on Mother’s Day the Sons of the Legion will be presenting each mother with a flower, likely a carnation.

Anne Peck asked those present to submit any articles for the next newsletter by May 15th or sooner.

RADM Koeppel (PUFL) asked veterans to do what they could to help offset the negative view the volunteer military force has garnered.  Recruitment has been suffering and there will be 10,000 fewer high school graduates in 2032 than in 2022, which has never happened before.  Reach out to high school students and their families as you can and present a balanced picture of what the military has to offer.  There is an excellent article in this month’s LEGION magazine as well.

CLOSING CEREMONIES:              1909